Laurel Seidl talking about The Glass Outhouse Gallery with Eric Saks

Recorded June 9, 2015 Archived June 9, 2015 23:12 minutes
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A visit with art gallery owner Laurel Seidel at her Glass Outhouse Gallery on HWY 62, in Wonder Valley, California… or as Laurel says, “ I’m so far out, if you go East of me you fall off the edge of the earth.”

I met Laurel a few years ago when she bought one of my paintings and invited me to show at her gallery in the future, giving me my first painting gallery show in 2014. The Glass Outhouse Gallery is run by Laurel and Frank Mezget and is a non-profit showcase space for the artists in the Morongo basin area of the Mojave desert, situated just outside of Joshua Tree National Park on the Northeast side and near the 29 Palms Marine Corps base. Many artists, like me, get their first gallery show at “GO” and it is a real treasure in the middle of nowhere. Glass Outhouse Gallery, 77575 HWY 62, Twenty Nine Palms, California 92277.


  • Eric Saks

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