Since 2013 Georgetown University’s Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs has partnered with StoryCorps Studios on The American Pilgrimage Project. The project invites Americans of diverse backgrounds to sit together and talk to each other one-on-one about the role their religious beliefs have played at crucial moments in their lives. Together over the past decade, we have recorded over 250 stories from communities across the county. Log into the archive to see the full range of stories on this page.

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All American Pilgrimage Project Interviews

Ronné Wingate Sims and Hazel Wingate

Daughter and mother Rev. Dr. Ronné Wingate Sims (51) and Hazel Wingate (78) talk about their family background, their experiences as women in the Black Church, and their relationships to God. They reflect on some of the watershed moments of...

Michael Gruszyk and Nicholas Denysenko

Nicholas Denysenko (46) interviews his church member Michael Gruszyk (55) about how he started coming to the Eastern Orthodox Church as a teenager, his education at Valparaiso University, and how the death of family members influenced his faith.

Eugene Ashton-Gonzalez and John Law

Eugene Ashton-Gonzalez (37) talks to his friend and mentor John Law (64) about pilgrimage, community, and life in the Bay Area underground arts scene. They reflect on their time using the signal tower on Yerba Buena Island to host events...

Martin Kelliher and Bill Creed

Martin Kelliher (54) and Father Bill Creed SJ (77) talk about how they came to know each other, and Martin's journey from being imprisoned for attempted burglary, to the successful person that he is today.

Nicholas Cochran and Uneeke Ferguson

Nicholas Cochran (27) speaks with his friend Uneeke Ferguson (21) about their involvement at the House of Hagar Catholic Worker Community in Wheeling, WV, and how those experiences have informed their faith. Both discuss their childhoods and the lessons they...

Marielle Verano and Aimee Fritsch

Marielle Verano (23) talks to her roommate and friend, Aimee Fritsch (22) about growing up as a filipino catholic in the bay area, attending World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and how doing service work in St. Paul...

Silena Layne and Jeb Backe

Silena Layne (44) speaks with StoryCorps facilitator Jeb Backe (26) about her faith journey in the face of struggle and loss. Silena reflects on her relationship to the Black Church and on the impact of gun violence on her family.

Halicue Hanna and Jeb Backe

Halicue Hanna (50) talks to StoryCorps facilitator Jeb Backe (26) about her spiritual path to Hoodoo. She reflects on her family roots in Mississippi, her connections to her ancestors, and her experience practicing Afro-Cuban dance.

Ashe Frances-Martinez and Paul Schutz

Ashe Frances-Martinez (23) talks to Paul Schutz (42) about her relationship to God and how her identities as a Catholic and a trans woman affirm one another.

Alison Benders and Margaret [No Name Given]

Friends and colleagues Alison Benders (65) and Margaret [No Name Given] (65) talk about their Catholic upbringings and their experiences with religion in adulthood. They reflect on what pilgrimage, faith, and community have meant to them.

José Rangel, Angel Martínez, and Roberto Narvaez

José Manuel Rangel (65) y sus amigos, Angel Martínez (48) y Roberto Narváez (58), discuten las dificultades que han enfrentado al emigrar a los Estados Unidos y cómo la religión católica y Dios los han ayudado y continuarán ayudándolos con...

Haley Lepp and Travis Richardson

Friends Haley Lepp (24) and Travis Richardson (24) talk about their respective journeys discovering their faiths and philosophies. Travis also speaks to the struggle of reconciling his identity as a gay man and a Catholic in a conservative environment.

Daniel d’Abreu Noronha and Alejandro Eros

Friends Daniel d'Abreu Noronha (19) and Alejandro "Sasha" Eros (21) talk about their upbringings, their experiences as young practicing Catholics, and their spiritual lives. They reflect on their lives as students at Santa Clara University and on how their Catholicism...

Rosalie Dance and Marilyn Clark

Rosalie Dance (73) speaks to her friend, Marilyn Clark (70), about growing up in the small town of Jersey Mills, PA. As a college student, Rosalie became involved in a Quaker group. She later became a professor of mathematics, which...

Evan Bednarz and William Kershner

Evan Bednarz (30) talks with his colleague William Kershnar (24) about the role religion and faith play in the social justice movement. They talk about the work they do in the Catholic Worker House in Houston, the complexity of the...