Hear Me Now is a storytelling program at Providence, created in partnership with StoryCorps. Hear Me Now’s mission is to give patients, loved ones, and caregivers a sacred space to share their stories and make healthcare more humane.

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All Providence Interviews

Valerie Cordes & Michele Manning-Herman

Valerie and Michele have developed a profound bond through their involvement with Providence's Women's Caregiver Resource Group (WCRG), and they want to emphasize the significance of this work and the impact it has had on them. They cannot stress enough...

Meredith Rowland and Liz Wessel

Meredith talks with her colleague, Liz, about her journey to her nursing career, starting in a veterinary clinic, the Army, and finally Cal State Fullerton. She and Liz talk about working in Home Health and the challenges, and joys of...