Hear Me Now is a storytelling program at Providence, created in partnership with StoryCorps. Hear Me Now’s mission is to give patients, loved ones, and caregivers a sacred space to share their stories and make healthcare more humane.

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All Providence Interviews

Tran Pham and Melody Fawcett

Tran shares her experience of the loss of her premature girl, Bao An Pham Huynh shortly after birth. On the anniversary of her daughter's birth, she is taking the day off to honor her memory. She shares her gratitude for...

Elisa Hays & Lisa Coronado

Elisa recounted her incredible tale of being struck by a semi-truck, hurtling 90 feet, and impaling herself on a guardrail. Despite all odds, she miraculously survived, defying reason. However, her path to recovery has been arduous, riddled with numerous health...