2019 Mira Mesa High School APUS History Students

Public Community Schools and Classrooms


Bringing Life To A Character.

Father talks to his son about his career as an animator and wants his son to follow his footsteps.

Talking to my Kuya

i talked to my older brother about various topics such as school, transitioning from philippine life to us life, and his health. he then proceeded to ask /me/ some personal questions. sorry that 2/3 of my face is cropped off...

Aaron Win StoryCorps APUSH 2

Interviewing my aunt who has been in my life and have taken care of me upon arrival of my parents in the US

Culture with my mom

About adapting to new American culture from Mexico, illegal immigration.

Interview with my sister from the Philippines

This is an interview with my sister who in April moved from Philippines to the U.S. She graduated from Santo Tomas University, sorry it's not nursing school lol

Interview with my Neighbor

This is the interview where I talked to my Neighbor whom we hardly talk to but this is the time where we learn more about him and what stories he have to mention.

Interviewing my Mother

My mother shared with me her favorite memories of her childhood and her experiences moving to the United States

A Talk with Alejandro Garcia

This interview features Alejandro Garcia, a newly graduated student teacher, who discusses his childhood and its influence on his life today.

Mamas interview

Mama is surprisingly dissaponted in the hectic nature of America. However she enjoys what she’s gotten out of it especially her grandchildren

Papas interview

Likes being a mason for sure

A Talk with Patrick Hizon

A talk with Patrick Hizon, an important role model at my church, discussing the influential decisions that has shaped his life today.

Grandma moms side

Asking grandma about childhood

growing up an immigrant in the US pt 2

My uncle talks about how life was when he first came to the states with his family following the Vietnam War (1975). He discussed mainly about the hardships they faced not knowing English but also the great memories he gained...

With my Grandpa

Listening to my grandpa talk about stuff like how he came to America, his jobs, and about my dad growing up. Mic didn’t crash this time

With my Grandma (Part 5)

After the third(fourth actually, miscount) mic crash, grandma finishes the story about coming to America. During this we also talk about meeting my grandpa and about my dad when he was young

With my Grandma (Part 4.)

Here my grandma continues to tell the story of coming to America. In this recording I believed it to be the third part when it is actually the fourth, apologies