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Students "need to understand that the world needs them" by Ben Mapani

Paths Through Science Interview for Earth Day and AGU's Centennial with Ben Mapani, Associate Professor of Geology, University of Namibia

I am excited to be work as part of a network to increase participation in STEM and build a future workforce.

Paths Through Science interview for Earth Day and AGU's Centennial with Marlene Kaplan, Deputy Undersecretary for Operations, NOAA

"…our future on this planet needs an assumption of responsibility by all…"

Paths Through Science Interview for Earth Day and AGU's Centennial with Silvia Peppoloni, Researcher, International Association for Promoting Geoethics

"Someday I want to tell my son…that I did everything I could to help the climate change crisis." by Toni Morelli

Paths Through Science Centennial/Earth Day interview with Toni Morelli, USGS Research Ecologist, DOI Northeast Climate Adaptation Science Center by Sharon Rauch

"Science is the engine that drives civilization." an interview with James Butler

James Butler has studied atmospheric chemistry, ozone depletion for over thirty years. Now, as the Director of NOAA’s global monitoring, he helps direct research into the hole in the ozone layer and climate change. He knows firsthand that we have...

"Bridging the Divide with Operation IceBridge." an interview with John Sonntag

As a mission scientist with NASA's Operation IceBridge, John Sonntag has been keeping an eye on the polar ice caps for the better part of 20 years. The good news is, he is very well-versed in the science and analysis...

"The 6 Mentors You Meet in Life" an interview with Chuck McClain

By his own count, Chuck McClain has had six mentors in his career. His first may have been a teacher in Kansas City who took him to his first physics demonstration. Since 1978, he’s worked at NASA Goddard Space Flight,...

"Giving Your Attention to Something Different." an interview with Trevor McDougall

It took 21 years for Trevor McDougall to leave Australia, but when he did, he was on a plane headed to the University of Cambridge and a masters and Ph.D. in Oceanography. Besides the life-changing event of going from one...

"Returning and Relearning in Bejing, China." an interview with Qingyun Duan

When Quinyan Duan was a student in China, he found his way into hydropower engineering. He wanted to pursue a graduate degree but couldn’t find the right professor to guide him. He took the difficult step of applying in the...

"A Label by Any Other Name." an interview with Andrew Binley and Lee Slater

A conversation between student and professor, this discussion reveals the subtle dynamics between good friends, even when they outwardly seem to be very similar. Lee Slater met Andrew Binley when the former asked the latter for a job at Lancaster...

"Sharp Observations from a Keen Observer." an interview with Susan Loizer

We won’t say how long Susan Lozier has been shaping young minds at Duke University (she may let it slip), but she talks about amazing changes that have happened during her tenure. She grew up wondering how rivers get polluted,...

"While cities take up a small portion of the Earth's surface, they make a major impact on the climate." an interview with Daniel Schertzer

With complex modeling to guide future decisions, Daniel Schertzer, Parisian professor at Ecole des Ponts ParisTech and nonlinear geophysicist is leading the field into new territory – urban climate challenges. Cities, each occupying a relatively small portion of the earth,...

"[It is] not just working on something for yourself but that this all fits into a bigger picture." an interview with Daniel Verscharen

Space Plasma physicist, Daniel Verscharen of the Mullard Space Science Laboratory - part of University College London based in the Surrey countryside - is drawn to fast things- fast moving electrons in space plasma and a fast timeline to propose...

"Biology is planetary process. Biogeoscience is earth & space coming together." an interview with Diane McKnight, Dork Sahagian & Mary Votek

How did Biogeoscience become a recognized field of study, with its own journal and sections at AGU? What obstacles did its organizers have to overcome in order to make it a viable field and a welcome presence at AGU? In...

"Working Together to Prepare for the Unknown." an interview with Gari Mayberry

For the last 14 years, Gari Mayberry has put her volcanology background to work as a disaster response coordinator at USAID. Disasters come in many shapes and sizes so that specialty is a start, but often Gari finds herself connecting...

"You can save more lives by being a plant scientist" interview with Becca Barnes, Bianca Rodriguez-Cardona, Evelyn Valdez-Ward & Ben Sulman

In this inspiring interview, Becca Barnes, Bianca Rodriguez-Cardona, Evelyn Valdez-Ward, and Ben Sulman, four early-career biogeoscientists come together to share their reflections on what it means to be a scientist today. How can scientific knowledge be spread on social media?...