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"The best way to get ahead is to plant seeds of ideas in other people & watch them take off & run with it." an interview with Bruce Wielicki

Bruce Wielicki, a NASA Langley climate scientist, discusses his collaboration with economists to help non-scientists understand how climate change will hit them in the wallet, and how they could reduce that risk with modest investments in improved climate science. He...

"Magnetic fields are used in many of the devices we carry around with us." an interview with Laurie Brown

Laurie Brown, Professor Emeritus at the University of Massachusetts, has been a member of AGU for 46 years shares her observations on the growth of paleomagnetism at AGU and its importance in helping address climate She discusses how paleomagnetism helps...

"Kathy vs. The Volcano" an interview with Katharine Cashman

Kathy Cashman, professor at the University of Bristol, worked on the 1980 eruption at Mount St. Helen’s in Washington, one of the first monitored volcanic eruptions in the world (“it was a ‘who’s who’ of volcanology and geology”). Thanks to...

“We’re looking forward to the evolution of missions to the outer solar system.” an interview with Glenn Orton

Glenn Orton is so deep in Jupiter mission information that he gets envious when he’s not involved in a space project studying the gas giant. The senior research scientist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory studies the composition and structure...

"What other profession allows you to ask questions, chase those things that give you intellectual itches." an interview with Robert Swap

On the football field, Bob Swap learned to read the field, look at the play, assess the information, and move forward. Today, those same skills help him manage over 250 scientists at the Goddard Space Flight Center with NASA’s Pandora...

"Biology is a planetary process. Biogeoscience is earth & space together." an interview with Diane McKnight, Dork Sahagian & Mary Voytek

How did Biogeoscience become a recognized field of study, with its own journal and sections at AGU? What obstacles did its organizers have to overcome in order to make it a viable field and a welcome presence at AGU? In...

"The most important tool for an aspiring snow scientist is being able to use a shovel." Jeff Dozier talks with Ph.D. student, Mikey Johnson

Distinguished Professor of Environmental Science & Management at UC Santa Barbara speaks with Ph.D. candidate in the Hydrogeology program at the University of Nevada, Reno.

"Glaciers are the interface between land, atmosphere, and ocean.” an interview with Christopher Shuman

Christopher Shuman is on faculty at University of Maryland Baltimore County and a research scientist in the Cryospheric Sciences Lab at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Christopher has extensive work history in Greenland and in Antarctica, analyzing layers in...

"Geoscience investigates the past, it measures the present, and it models the future behavior of our planet."

AGU Virtual Poster Showcase Winner with Marlene Vargas-Sanchez, master’s student in earth science at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

"The things that make me proud are working every day to make life better for the people around me. "

Paths Through Science Interview for AGU's Centennial with Carolyn Brinkworth, Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

"I would encourage students to ask more questions…to help find out what they do and do not enjoy doing."

Paths Through Science Interview for AGU's Centennial with Amy Keesee, Associate Professor, University of New Hampshire, Department of Physics and Space Science Center.

"The possibility of discovering different things and teaching what I have learned is something that always fascinates me. "

AGU Virtual Poster Showcase Winner Interview with Amanda Gerotto, PhD student at the Oceanographic Institute at the University of Sao Paulo.

"I really enjoy learning about the unknown and how humans interact with the fundamental processes of earth…"

AGU Virtual Poster Showcase Winner Interview with Trista McKenzie, doctorate student, at the University of Hawaii, Manoa