Branham Seniors 2022-23

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Autoethnographic Interview ft. Maddy Connolly

In this interview Maddy, a senior at Branham High school talks about her journey with Catholicism and how the events in the past couple of years have played a part in developing her faith.

Anthony’s Story

Ethnic Lit senior final, anthony’s narrative

Autoethnographic Personal narrative – senior final

Mona Rabi explains how her culture influences how her identity is viewed by others, and her wonderful self.

Autoethnography Podcast ft. Ashley Nguyen

Madison Connolly Hojas interviews Ashley Nguyen about her heartwarming story, Griefs and Beliefs, a story about the importance of being there for your family through tough times, regardless of your different personal beliefs.

Autoethnographic Podcast

In this podcast, Jessalyn talks about her experience in COVID-19. She explains the way that the pandemic had helped change her for the better through a story about Jessvolleyball.

Avalon and Arjun Podcast

Avalon and Arjun talk about Avalon's life growing up attending a very traditional Christian school.

Arjun Mittha Autoethnography Podcast P4

We discuss a story of my family trip to the Lake District.

Eileen’s Autoethnographic Personal Narrative

Eileen talks about how her sexual identity affects her daily life. She told her story to make sure that other people, especially other women are heard.

Harry’s experience being Bisexual

Harry shares his story about his experience with bisexuality.

Autoethnographic Podcast

This podcast is an assignment for my final in my ethnic literature class. My narrative is about my discovery and understanding of the importance of college to myself and my family. I hope you can enjoy this heartfelt personal experience.

Sophie N and Alana F Ethnic Lit Podcast

In this podcast, Alana and Sophie discuss their different experiences growing up in minority groups within the United States

"Listen Up!" Autoethnography

Aimery Dreux (14) interviews his sister, Justine Dreux (16) about her experiences being ASB Leadership President as a woman.

Senior final

Will is sharing his story about the time he had a seizure. reading our personal narrative about experiences we faced.

branham cultural wellness project

Talked with my classmate Dozie about growing up and being African in America.

Autoenography podcast

This story is about a student who during his summer break experience the different work conditions in Mexico and the United States.