Creativity for a Lifetime

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StoryCorps Interview w/ Grandma

I interviewed my grandma for some of her thoughts on creativity.

76 years of Creativity

During the interview, I asked Margaret questions about creativity throughout her lifetime.

The Gay Spiritual Agenda

I ended up having a dinner at Monica's in coralville with Jerry Howe a family friend of mine. I took him there so that we can catch up and get back to date with one another. After we caught up...

Consistent Creativity

I interviewed Jamie Sharp, a former professor in the University of Iowa’s College of Dentistry, about her life and how her creativity has essentially remained the same throughout her life.

“Be good to other people, and they’ll be good to you”

In this interview, I talk with my great grandmother Harriet Sander about her and her husband, Floyd’s adventures across the country. From packing houses in Florida to Yellowstone National Park to Sin City, Las Vegas, Harriet proves to herself that...

Interview with Pat Dolan

I interviewed my Professor Pat Dolan about the role of creativity in his life.

Bill Gurnon on aging and creativity: “All you have to do is be open to someone else’s story”

Bill Gurnon, my uncle, shares his knowledge and discusses creativity in the context of storytelling, music, nature, and family.

Creativity in Aging

An interview with my grandma about the art she did in her teen years and art she might like to keep doing as she moves forward in life.

Creativity Interview

I interviewed my academic advisor for this project

“Make something your own.”

An interview with Rosemary Moore, professor of classics and history at the University of Iowa. We talk about her lifetime hobby of knitting and spinning, among other things.

Creativity in Older Generations

This interview is about the creativity my grandma has today/ had as a child.

StoryCorps interview- Alli Lemke

Sorority house mom shares her passion for dance and stories about her creative family and their influence on her life.

Creativity of My Grandmother

I talked to my grandmother about her life as a creative child, her love of Georgia & family’s creativity.

Interview with James Fricton

We talked about creativity and how creativity is the key to success.

Life is a Dance

A discussion about creativity with a professor at the University of Iowa.

Creativity for a Lifetime

My grandma and I discussing life and how creativity has presented itself theoughout life’s various stages.