Race and Resistance 110 @ SFSU

Public Community Schools and Classrooms


A feminist rant & emotional conversations

my best friend Taylor and I dig deep about what it’s like growing up as woman, her role models, struggles, and threats our administration have been making against women

Rachel Kpete

Interviewing my housemate Rachel about her life in Nigeria and her transition to America.

Interviewing Rachel Kpete

Interviewing my housemate Rachel about her life in Nigeria and her transition to America.

Alan’s interview

I talk to my best friend and just take a dive into mostly his life.He seems happy to have done this. Although I know most of the things that are going on in his life and have happened, I believe...

Interview With My Dad

I asked a lot of questions I wouldn’t normally ask my dad and it was a little different, but I felt like this interview was needed. It was good catching up with my dad and glad he is doing good...

Actually Getting to Know Jordyn (Part 2)

This is a part 2 to our other interview, because it stopped recording.

Interviewing my friend Jordyn

I interviewed my friend Jordyn about her life experiences.

Oral history

I decided to interview my roommate and good friend Kathy.

Conversation with my “mom”

I interviewed my aunt who I also see as my second mom. This allowed me to learn more about her life and past.

My Mama’s Story

I interviewed my mom about where she came from, how she met my dad, spirtuality and other important aspects of life to carry with you.

Interviewing my mom about her immigration process

I interviewed my mother about the process of immigrating to the United States. From what motivated her to immigrate and bring her family here to how she felt when she was here all alone.

Roommate interview

This was an interview done on a close friend of mine.

Seeing A Hidden Side of My Grandmother

The person that I decided to interview is my grandmother from my Filipino and Indian American side, Ardella. I am close with my grandmother but we never really discuss her childhood, upbringing, or her successes. My grandmother is not a...