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Holly Hampton and Catherine Manci

Holly Hampton & Catherine Manci discuss the role of Atlanta Emerging Librarians and GLA New Members Roundtable in helping them build community, leadership skills, and connections within the profession. Also, learn what drew Holly and Catherine into this profession. This...

Wendy Cornelisen

After a life changing moment, Wendy Cornelisen decided to switch professions and become a librarian. In less than 7 years, Wendy went from being a student in graduate school to becoming the Assistant State Librarian for the state of Georgia....

Dr. Diana J. Very

When Dr. Diana J. Very became president of GLA in 2013, it was the tail-end of the Great Recession. Her favorite memories involve fun activities to lift libraries out of the doldrums of difficult budgets. (Interview conducted by Erica Rainey...

Dr. Linda Golian-Lui

Dr. Linda Golian-Lui began her library career in 1979 at University of Miami. There another librarian encouraged her to be active in professional organizations. Dr. Golian-Lui took this to heart and made professional development and engagement a center piece of...

Ashley Hoffman

Ashley Hoffman joined Georgia Library Association (GLA) in 2012 while working as a paraprofessional at Kennesaw State University. GLA connected Ashley with people and service opportunities that enhanced her career. "Take a chance and go to a function sponsored by...

Carol Stanley

Carol Stanley is considered a mentor and role model to many in the Georgia Library Association (GLA) community. In this interview she talks about her early days in GLA, who mentored her, and what it was like to lead the...

Carterette Series Webinar Team (2017)

The Carterette Series Webinars are a special project of GLA. This interview with Kimberly Boyd, Ashley Dupuy, and Casey Long provides insights into how this group selects topics, recruits speakers, manages and markets each webinar, and selects new team members....

Mary Ann Cullen

Mary Ann Cullen joined Georgia Library Association in 2010. In this interview she talks about her journey to becoming a librarian, how she became involved in GLA, who has influenced her in librarianship, and where she sees GLA in the...

Shelley Rogers

Shelley Rogers is a cataloger who has served in several leadership roles in Georgia Libraries Association, including Technical Services Interest Group Chair and Handbook Committee Chair. Learn about what she likes most about being involved in GLA and how it...

Ashley Dupuy & Eli Arnold

In Georgia Library Association, the role of Treasurer is a three year position. Through this interview with Ashley Dupuy and Eli Arnold discover what it takes to succeed as the GLA Treasurer. Ashley and Eli also talk about what it...

Amy Eklund

Inspired by work with a children's orchestra, Amy Eklund thought she wanted to be a music librarian, but as soon as she entered her first cataloging class her path changed. Listen to Amy's path into librarianship, learn how Georgia Library...

Susan Morris and Fred Smith

Susan Morris and Fred Smith talk about the history of resource sharing in Georgia libraries. From union catalogs to GIL Express they cover the foundation and development of interlibrary loan. (Interview conducted by Casey Long / Audio edited by John...

Kimberly Boyd and Virginia “Ginny” Feher

Kimberly Boyd and Ginny Feher met while pursuing graduate degrees in Library and Information Science at Valdosta State University. They quickly became leaders in the Georgia Library Association (GLA) and are both GLA award winners. They talk about volunteering for...

Emily Williams (GLA Story Project)

A conversation with Emily Williams, the 2018 GLA New Member Round Table Chair.

John Mack Freeman

Mack Freeman started working in libraries because of a specific, surprise invitation. He talks about joining GLA in its time of transition, working in the Scholarship Committee, and mentorship in the profession. (Interview conducted by Casey Long / Audio edited...

Oscar Gittemeier

Though libraries were important to him as a child, Oscar Gittemeier fell into librarianship while pursuing a Masters degree in Women’s Studies. It was never on his radar to become a librarian. However, working in the East Atlanta Branch of...

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