Hilltop High School, Chula Vista, CA, psychology

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We talked about her life as a parent and how she has grown in being a parent.

Victor Bonifacio great listen interview

We talked about the questions asked mostly. For example what are you most proud of and your happiest memories.

Life experience interview

In this interview, conducted in November 2019 in Chula Vista, California, Ixianey Garcia (17) interviews her Step Dad, Greg Majors about his life experience in Chelsea, Alabama. Mr. Majors shares about his childhood and life outcome. He also talks about...

My Dad’s career

An interview between Me and My stepdad. A general interview about his job. He tells about working with his family. He also talks about what he wanted to get into as a kid.

From Expected Glory to a Great Story

In this interview, conducted in November 31, 2019 in Lakeside, California, Phillip Nguyen interviews his uncle Steve about his childhood and his transformation into the man he is. In the beginning, Steve mentions some important figures in his life and...

Why is Anna Anna?

Gaby interviews sister, Anna, as she constantly laughs through the interview.

Who is Sebastian?

Who was Sebastian Tellez. What he was before. What he was now. What he wants to be

Erik with no filter

This interview insights Erik’s life with his experiences, beliefs and ideals for his future. It was also a realization on a deeper side differing from how I viewed him as a peer.

James H and Chrisharold

A breif interview of James for psychology