HPEB 560 Spring 2023

Public Community Moderated Schools and Classrooms


Authentic Italian Sauce with Tina Sheppard

Tina Sheppard explains how her long line of Italian family has influenced her homemade recipes and has affected her family’ bond.

Interview of a Food Elder

will duggan 21 about spaghetti with friends.

Grandma Dee's Apple Pie

Dee Blakeman talks with her grandson, Connor, about what food was like as a person who grew up on a farm, and about her famous apple pie!

Food Interview With An Elder

Parker Dhillon and Abi Shumpert talk about Parker's recipe of his favorite dish, chicken parmesan.

Interview With Food Elder

This is my interview with a food elder Mary Messina. My mom and I discuss her families authentic Italian meatball and gravy recipe from Sicily.

Interview with a Food Elder

Molly Pettus discusses with her mother, Mary Pettus, about one of her favorite dishes she makes at family gatherings

Interview with a Food Elder

Carol Ann Sweeney discusses baking Christmas cookies with her mom, grandmother, and children.