Intergenerational Storytelling – UMass Amherst Public Health Students and Northampton Neighbors

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Overcoming Loneliness and Isolation; Gail’s Story About Her Family and Advocating For Autism in Her Teaching Career

Allie and Gail discuss Gail’s early childhood years and her struggle with loneliness and isolation, due to how people viewed her because her sister was Autistic. Gail discusses as she grew up how she experienced loneliness, how she advocated for...

An Act of Kindness: Mary Ann's story about her Grandfather

Mary Ann recounts her childhood growing up in rural Connecticut and goes on to share the powerful act of kindness her paternal grandfather did for her which was teaching her to drive. She expresses how this act impacted her confidence...

When Relationships Change: Yaliah’s story about her Grandmother

Yaliah recounts her childhood growing up in Florida with her grandparents. She reflects on how over time her relationship with her grandmother has changed and how she is happy to be actively working on maintaining a close relationship with her.

Graduating High School in 2020, Yes During a Pandemic

Allie talks to Gail about how graduation represents recognition for your diligence and signals the end of a significant chapter in life. Graduating during a pandemic was not something that I was expected to have to navigate. Allie discusses such...

Peter and Akshitha

Peter talks to Akshitha about her happiest memories of her childhood growing up in Connecticut

Janice’s Story: The Picture

Janice tells a story about a memorable photograph she took while visiting a village in Liberia, Africa. The story is a snapshot of the Liberian bush in 1972.

Megan’s Road Trip to Remember

Megan (20) tells a story about the most important person in her life, her grandfather “Poppy”. She talks about a road trip to his log cabin in Vermont, the many stops on the way, and their special relationship.

Owen: Dealing with the unexpected

Owen talks about how life is different than how he expected it to turn out and how he manages whenever

'It feels like a miracle': Marybeth's story of her first intimate experience and the power of reconnection

Marybeth tells the story about her first time being intimate with her partner while attending college. She goes on to explain the journey of her pregnancy and reconnecting with her daughter years later.

David's Story: Growing Up

David talks about growing up in Northern Virginia and his experience witnessing segregation. He then moved to a rural area in Upstate New York and shared his many endeavors there. The next move he discusses was to Northampton, MA, where...

More than a Sport: How Swimming has Shaped Jessica’s Life

Judy interviews Jessica on her transformative journey through swimming. It shows her reluctant beginnings in swim lessons to the lifelong friendships forged at her childhood swim team, The Ranch. As Jessica reflects on her relationship with swimming, she discovers the...

The Power of Letter Writing: Judy’s Relationship with her Mother Throughout her Life

Jessica interviews Judy about her relationship with her mother, delving into Judy's past through letters exchanged between them from childhood to adulthood. As Judy revisits these correspondences, she navigates the highs and lows of their relationship, exploring the deep bond...

Jim's Story: Understanding Forged Through A Fishing Adventure

This story is about Jim and his father going on a fishing trip where they catch the elusive Black Marlin. Though the bond of their relationship had been frayed, their fishing adventure forged an understanding that would leave Jim changed...

Bob Brick and Sunny Hwang

Bob Brick and Sunny Hwang talks about their passions and what their journey is/was like to find their passions.

Auntie Delly and How She Became My Feminist Role Model

This is Joan and her story about her Auntie Delly. Growing up, she realized she did not want to be a traditional house-wife, and found she wanted to be like her Auntie Delly. She described her as a strong, independent...

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