J2U: Stories of Immigration

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Finding Love During Covid when you are 5,000 miles apart.

Tamra Ward poses informal questions to James and Ricardo to talk about how they met, what dating has been like, and how they see their future life together.

Interview with Ismael N.

Zipporah R. talks with Ismael N. about his parents' journeys to the United States.

Interview with Arriyhana and Celecia

Sisters Arriyahna and Celecia discuss their views on immigration in the United States.

Interview with Emily Kiev

In this podcast episode, is Emily Kiev talks about her journey and her point of view in the life of an American as she gets interviewed by Iyanah French, an intern from Arts Street’s Journey2Unity project. Emily was born in...

Interview with Lora Hernandez

This podcast is about a woman named Lora Hernandez. She was born in Playa Mallorca, Spain. She came to the United States with her parents when she was eight years old. Her dad was a sargent and her mom also...

Interview with Helen Thorpe

Helen Thorpe, born January 23, 1963, is an Irish-born-American author and journalist. She has written for major American newspapers and magazines, and has authored three books. Her first book, Just Like Us, which follows the lives of four Denver girls...

Interview with Jakayla J.

Angie W. interviews Jakayla about her thoughts about immigration in the U.S. and living in Denver.

Interview with Epitasia Ruizsuazo

Epitasia Ruizsuazo talks about her experience coming to the United States with a permit that allowed her and her whole family to immigrate and escape from the crime and delinquency in Chihuahua, Mexico. Immigrating to the United States wasn't hard,...

Interview with Matt P.

Matt P. gives his immigration story and his opinions on immigration .

Interview with Liliana F.

Liliana F. talks about her family and their immigration story.

Interview with Matthew G.

Yesenia interviews Matthew G., whose family immigrated to the U.S.

Interview with Erionna

This interview brings you Erionna, An 18 year old young women who talks about her life in Denver, CO and the change in her community. Erionna explains how she wants to make an impact to those in poverty sometime in...