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"Not only does it contribute to the food scene in our town, …it also contributes to the vibrancy and sense of community we all feel…"

A Marketside Chat with Moscow, Idaho chef and restaurant owner, George Skandalos. As a chef shopping at the Moscow Farmers Market, George talks about the vibrancy of the market and its contribution to the community. George also tells the story...

"There has been so much conscious effort to include all different age groups."

Mackenzie has been coming to the Moscow Farmers Market for a couple of years. Mackenzie talks about the market's vibrancy, inclusiveness and how she believes it will continue to grow.

"It brought us sales, it brought us students. It was our connection."

Glass artists, Mary and Jack, talk about how the Moscow Farmers Market helped them incubate their business and the ripple effects that had, including the revitalization of Palouse, Washington, a neighboring small town; the restoration of stained glass in some...

"I love that I can come back and still go around…to a bunch of the different vendors and give them hugs…and they all recognize me…"

Semolina talks about her family's introduction to the Moscow Farmers Market, memories of coming to the market as a young girl, voting on the design of the playground in Friendship Square and what she loves about visiting the market when...

"Having the market in front of our door has allowed us to increase our collaboration."

Jamie Hill, operations manager at the Kenworthy Performing Arts Center, talks about her role as a Moscow Farmers Market Commission member, market relations with downtown businesses and what makes the market always interesting.

"If we are in town, we are here."

Local dad and daughter retell their memories of their Moscow Farmers Market, Tyler works for the City of Moscow and provides a unique perspective on the impact of the Moscow Farmers Market on Moscow and the Palouse region.


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