Mr. Z’s 7th Period Civics

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New Ways Of Learning

Learning is a must to develop your mind. Kids hate that the most. Now a child can’t be devoid of knowledge. If he has it, then it should be used and nourished when he is in his childhood. That is...

About leadership

ou’ve probably noticed how some of your colleagues take to leadership roles like a duck to water. They’re confident telling others what to do, and happy taking on an ever-growing number of responsibilities. It couldn’t be more different for others:...

Thanksgiving interview

My dads life from being an adult to childhood memories

Tigist Hagos

My mom talked about her immigration and struggles she faced to come into America.

Great Thanksgiving Listen Interview with Ana

Talked about how everyone in this world has to go through obstacles to get where they want to be in life.

“Great Thanksgiving Listen with Tata”

The great thanksgiving listen with Tatalavega and Mariah.

Great Thanksgiving Listen Interview with Tilahun

My father has been through a lot throughout his childhood and he dreams to make a better life for his children to be successful and achieve their dreams.

Great thanksgiving listen Interview with Nick Leblebijian

I spoke with my mother about a few of her thoughts on certain issues.

The great thanksgiving listening interview with Deshaun

Well talked a lot about family, community, change and all that other stuff.

Great Thanksgiving Listen interview with Vanyce

I interviewed my cousin Leon and he told me about some lessons he learned.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview the person I interviewed talked about the government and what we liked about it or what he didn’t like. He also talked about life and precious moments that make him who he is today.

Great Thanksgiving Listen Interview with Abi

About her life as a kid and who she is now

The great thanksgiving listen interview whit Kathy

One thing that’s was said a lot was to be kind a lot . Another thing that young people are being involved with politics a lot more then back then.