Mrs. Everitt’s 8th Grade ELA Classes

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Matthew goes over what it was like growing up for him with his daughter, Kaylee.

Interviewing my mom.

I am interviewing my mom about her life when she was younger.

Maryann’s Story

This story was about family history from my maternal grandmother. We talk about her life and my mothers life as well.

Music, College, and Being In Computer Science

I talk with my Nana about growing up through a changing world, and living through two husbands

William Harris

William Harris (14, nephew) talks to his Uncle (Nicholas Rogers, 42, Uncle) about how life is going to be different for everyone.

Interview with Jim Nolan, Interim Principal of Port Jefferson Middle School, Fall 2021

Mr. Nolan speaks with Mrs. Everitt about his love of school. Mr. Nolan describes his childhood as “picture-perfect, as picture-perfect can be.” His excitement for learning and the school community led him into the classroom as a teacher. With over...

Interview With My Mom

This interview was recorded on Monday, November 22nd, in our living room in Port Jefferson, New York. I learned some new things about my mom. For example, what she wanted to be as a child and some happy memories. I...

Interview with my dad

Talking with my dad about his life I guess