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Ali Shute and Jack Venbrux

Ali Shute 62 and Jack Venbrux 64, talk about life experiences, values, and creativity

Lindsey Beacham, age 37 and Wanda Quinn, age 70

Lindsey Beacham, age 37, and Wanda Quinn, age 70, talk about where they grew up and how that shaped who they are. They shared their values, their community, and what they want their legacy to be.

David Gortner 56, and Nancy Jones, 49, have a One Small Step North Idaho Conversation

David Gortner 56, and Nancy Jones, 49 come together and talk about faith, community, parents passing, Covid, children, and being resilient.

Luke Russell 66, and Chris Sears 30

In November of 2022 Chris Sears, 30 and Luke Russell 66 talk about faith values and divisiveness

Pam Holcomb and Britt Thurman

Britt Thurman, 37, and Pam Holcomb 66 talk about life influences, values, and inequities in our community and the world.

Clint Schroeder & Mike Grabenstein

Clint Schroeder 47 and Mike Grabenstein 75 come together to share their life experiences, views and their love of Coeur d Alene

Ian Hicks and Sheri Bullock

Ian Hicks 79, and Sheri Bullock 50, talked about growing up in South Africa, racism, having a bi-racial family and kindness

Tom Palgiasottie and Katie Comstock

Tom Palgiasottie 73 and Katie Comstock 30 have a conversation about religion, legacy, and community.

Marlo Faulkner and Bob Smee

Marlo Faulkner, 80 years old and Bob, 75 years old meet for the first time and talk about their ancestry, politics, and serving their community

Lindsey Lewis and Jim Faucher

Lindsey Lewis, 36 years of age and Jim Faucher, 79 come together and have a conversation about religion, gender and being true to who you are

Maureen Finigan & DeAnn Johnson

Maureen Finnegan age 61, and DeAnn Johnson age 57 have a conversation about gender,standing up for your beliefs and standing by others who need support.

Larry Riley and Sarah Swanby

Larry Riley 62 years of age and Sarah Swanby, 49 years of age did a One Small Step North Idaho conversation. Talking about a wide range of topics including their families growing up, their shared belief in helping people in...

Barbara Mueller and Luke Russell

Luke Russel and Barbara Mueller share a conversation about the experiences in life that have shaped them into the people that they are today.

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