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Open source maintainership with Emma Irwin

Emma Irwin explores a nuanced view of open source maintainership in today’s landscape, digging into what characteristics good maintainers cultivate, what role mentoring plays in maintainership, and how history influences who becomes a maintainer.

Dawn Wages on being an ethical open source engineer

How do we incorporate ethics into open source and software development at large? Dawn Wages describes some of the ways that she embraces ethical open source engineering, including exploring her guiding principles around how she makes technology decisions. Learn about...

Nicolas Steenhout explores the intersection of accessibility and open source

Nic Steenhout recounts how barriers to access led him to getting involved in the open source community, reflects on challenges that accessibility advocates face in the ecosystem, and gives some advice to projects on how to prove their commitment to...

Elana Hashman on the evolution of open source

Elana Hashman recounts her first contribution to open source, the ecosystem’s potential, how norms have changed over the years, and what keeps her involved and contributing.

Joe Beda on open source as a positive sum game

Joe Beda shares with Julia and Amanda about his multigenerational family history with computers, his changing experience with open source since submitting the first commit to Kubernetes, and how the future of open source contains both 'danger and opportunity'.

Samson Goddy on the power of centering open source on community needs

Samson talks with Amanda about his lifelong journey in open source, why growing a culture of sharing is so important, and how his early experiences influenced where and how he has directed his energy into re-centering the nexus of open...

Josh Simmons and open source diplomacy

Josh Simmons, Amanda Casari, and Julia Ferraioli talk about open source representation, transformative moments that led to increased participation, and hopes for the future.

Aaron Patterson, Amanda Casari, and Julia Ferraioli

Aaron Patterson talks with Julia and Amanda about installing Linux for the first time, the story behind first patch, initial hesitancy around forking, and shares some advice for fellow programmers. Features plenty of bad puns from everyone. Transcript:

Open Source Stories with Russell Keith-Magee

Russell talks with julia about his open source origin story, how he became involved in his first project, and what he sees as current issues with maintainership in open source.