Salem Ohio Public Library Interviews

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George W.S. Hays current Executive Director of the United Way of Northern Columbiana County and past Director of the Salem Public Library

George W.S. Hays talks with Debbie Martinelli about his tenure as Director of our library and about giving back to the community.

Jeannette Mozina with Debbie Martinelli

An interview with Jeannette Mozina , a long time Salem Public Library employee and current patron

Hazel Hamlin

Hazel Hamlin (83), one of our very first home delivery patrons talks with Debbie Martinelli (58), Salem Public library outreach

Luanne McCartney and Debbie Martinelli

An interview with Luanne McCartney, former executive assistant at the Salem Public Library and current patron speaking with Debbie Martinelli, current employee

Melody Schmid & Angela Vaughn

Melody Schmid & Angela Vaughn, co-workers at Salem Public Library, talk about growing up using the library and how libraries are an important part of a community.

Tara Holl & Angela Vaughn

Angela Vaughn (31) and co-worker Tara Holl (31) interview at Salem Public Library on 11/21/2022. We talk about all things library, future of the library, and what makes this place so great!

Dave and Roselyn Stephens

Debbie Martinelli (Current library employee) speaks with Dave and Roselyn Stephens (Past director of The Salem Public Library and current patrons)

Cheryl Thorne and Debbie Martinelli

Interview with Cheryl Thorne, former library employee and long time patron

Goldie Burrier and Debbie Martinelli

An interview with Goldie Burrier (Salem resident and business woman) and Debbie Martinelli (Salem Public Library)

Emelia Miller with Debbie Martinelli

Interview between Emelia Miller, long time patron of our library and Debbie Martinelli (current employee of the Salem Public Library)

Teresa Rhodes and the Salem Public Library Salem, Ohio

Interview for the Salem Public Library with Teresa Rhodes (former programming coordinator) with Debbie Martinelli (current employee)

Susan Schiller and the Salem Public Library, Salem, Ohio

Inaugural interview for the Salem Public Library with former employee Susan Schiller, age 83, and current employee Debbie Martinelli, age 58.