Sauvie 2021

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Sarah Abdelhay and her father, Abdelhay Abdelhay, talk about the impact 9/11 and coronavirus had on her father's life.

In this interview, conducted on November 26, 2021, in Flushing Michigan, Sarah Abdelhay (15) interviews her father, Abdelhay Abdelhay (57), about the experiences he faced during major historic events throughout his life. Abdelhay shares how he grew up in a...

Haize and his grandma Robin talk about her childhood and interracial marriage.

In this interview, Haize (15) and his grandma, Robin (65), talk about different topics from her life. ***old picture

The siblings from two generations and a talk of college and university

This is a interview between Jayden Trask (15) and Janell Herrera (35). This interview goes into college and memories of Jayden.This interview took place in Bay City Michigan.The longer conversation of college starts around 3:00-3:30 and last's the longest of...

Two Southern Childhoods, One Beautiful Love.

Amanda Sauvie (44) sits down to interview her grandparents in McKinney Texas. Max (91) and Patsy Carpenter (89) share stories of their Southern childhoods in the 1930’s and recall memories of their parents. Patsy recalls her childhood in Warren, Arkansas...