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Namayan, the Good Shepherd, and the Maasai

Namayan, a Maasai woman from Tanzania, sits down to share stories of growing up in a pastoral culture and her continued journey of learning and growing at SNC.

Student Mindfulness and Intersectionality

Nancy and JQ talk about the SNC community, being a sociology major, a Cassandra Voss Center staff member, and how we bridge all of these ways we think about ourselves and others.

All Eight Presidents! Donald Taylor has met them all.

Donald Taylor (Galleries, Emeritus) has met all eight presidents of St. Norbert College - starting with an encounter, at the age of 11, with Abbot Bernard Pennings himself.

Building Community Through Service

Maria discusses how relationships in her life affect her understanding of community and how she wants to build community in times of disconnect.

Life as a Judge

Judge Hammer talks about what it took to become a Judge and how he lives his life accordingly.

Paige and Janie’s Adventures Abroad

We discussed our experiences, new perspectives, and valuable lessons learned while studying off-campus.

Rose Peterson and Morgan Cornette

Rose and Morgan’s Gap Experience

Carolina and Brian Interview

Carolina and Brian answer questions about their experiences abroad.

We love our Off-campus experience

Brinn is a freshman at St. Norbert College who came back from the GAP experience, where she has a chance to studying about many social justice issues throughout the U.S. and Guatemala. And Tran is an international student who spent...

Fr. Brendan McKeough and Margaret Uselman

An interview with Fr. Brendan McKeough and Margaret Uselman where they discuss Fr. Brendan's life and lessons he learned at and beyond St. Norbert College. This interview was recorded on April 15, 2014.

Jack and Karl interview

Jack and Karl talk about their adventures abroad.

Finding Love in Ourselves and the People Around Us

What defines us — and what doesn’t. And the power of just stopping and saying “how you doing?” Because we all can do something today that makes tomorrow better.