Tales from the Deep: Stories of Scientific Ocean Drilling

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"He said, do you want to work on the carbonates in the Chicxulub Impact Crater? And my jaw dropped and I was like – Oh, of course!"

Carbonate sedimentologist Michael Whalen participated as a shore-based scientist on Expedition 364, Chicxulub: Drilling the K-Pg Impact Crater. Mike discusses his interest in these sediments, his time working on material at the Breman Core Repository in Germany, and how having...

"[the Chikyu] was not on my wish list… but I can't overstate how powerful the experience was [including] landing in a Bell 412 helicopter"

Structural geologist Jon Lewis sailed on Expedition 315 on the scientific research vessel Chikyu in 2007 - his first-ever at-sea experience. Jon explains this riser vessel, the training required for the helicopter landing necessary to join the ship, as well...

"…that first time looking up the central stairwell, seeing all the different logos from before… seeing just that snapshot of history…"

Bonus audio! Andrew McIntyre and Laura Guertin both sailed on JOIDES Resolution for the first time during Expedition 390 (South Atlantic Transect I) and sat down to record a conversation four months after their time on the JR had ended....

"I think that those personal relationships… really make the science stronger."

If you are curious to learn more about the bonding and friendships that develop while at sea, listen no further than this conversation with Allyson Tessin and Ashley Burkett, two scientists that sailed on Expedition 392 (Agulhas Plateau Cretaceous Climate,...

"The Icelandic Coast Guard brought the drilling equipment. It was 24-hour excitement… we hadn't seen any other humans in the past 6 weeks"

Graduate student Claire Jasper was a sedimentologist on Expedition 395 (June 12 - August 12, 2023). To prepare for her first-ever expedition at sea, she asked people that had previously sailed on JOIDES Resolution "thousands of questions," especially as she...

"On the ship, everyone was invited on to be a scientist. Nobody was invited as a student. I was treated like a colleague."

Stepping foot on JOIDES Resolution as a graduate student and the youngest scientist on the ship, Kristin Dickerson wasn't sure what to expect as she joined Expedition 399 (Building Blocks of Life, Atlantis Massif). Right away, she was struck with...

"The camaraderie that we had on the ship is still going… that’s a really special thing about being on the JR. And being a part of IODP."

What is it like to be a graduate student as part of the science party on JOIDES Resolution? Celeste Pallone shares her experience as a sedimentologist on Expedition 397 (Iberian Margin Paleoclimate, Oct-Dec 2022) as an early career scientist and...

"…they were relatively long shifts. But work-life balance is still important…and so we had a couple of fun activities that we would do."

Nannofossil paleontologist Claire Routledge highlights the need for a work-life balance while working 12-hours shifts, 7 days a week, for two months. After sailing on the South Atlantic Transect (Expedition 390), Claire shares her work responsibilities with nannofossils (along with...

"You really need something at the end of the day that can help you completely disconnect and transport you somewhere else"

Emily Estes was the Expedition Project Manager for JOIDES Resolution EXP 390 and has sailed on over a dozen additional oceanographic research expeditions. She shares the value of bringing books out to sea and has an interesting approach to selecting...

"I get there [Narita Airport], and my luggage doesn't come out until the very end… my luggage was shredded… except the coffee"

Geochemist Jeff Ryan shares two highlights from his first time sailing on JOIDES Resolution for Expedition 352, involving luggage at the airport, coffee, and why it is good to pack an extra towel. Photo of/from J. Ryan: Working in the...

"Each time you go out [on the JR], you see very different things based on your experience, level and just interests."

Microbiologist Jason Sylvan has sailed on JOIDES Resolution for three expeditions - each time, packing his camera and tripod. Jason shares how he captures photos to convey the work done on the ship, along with personal aspects of collecting photos...

"I thought I might speak about – it's a little bit sad – but the day we heard that the ship business is no more after 2024"

Aidan Leetz joined JOIDES Resolution as a thin section technician for Expedition 390 in 2022. In this conversation, he shares his journey to joining the JR, his reaction to the news of the end of JR operations, and why he's...

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