The Daily Antidote of Song

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Ysaye Barnwell Daily Antidote Journey Part 1

Ysaye Barnwell and Jo Rasi chat about the pandemic, spirituals, civil rights music, memory, Daily Antidote, isolation and more.

Carolyn’s Musical Journey

Carolyn Wolfe, age 71, is interviewed by her friend Bonnie Shuster, age 67, about the role of music in her life and how much the Daily Antidote of Song has meant to her.

daily rambledote with Alice Mae

LiannaTennal (42), interviews Alice Mae, her daughter, about the Daily Antidote of Song and other musical topics.

A Curly Top with Don

Don (Dad, 79) and Willard (son, 13) talk about life, the universe and Daily Antidote of Song.

Mom, Age 103, #2.5

Part of an interview on 12/27/2022 of Ione Shuster, age 103, by Bonnie Shuster, age 67, was lost when recording stopped in the middle. This supplement picks up the missing portion.

Mom, Age 103, #2

Bonnie Shuster, age 67, interviews her mother Ione Shuster, age 103, about her husband Walter Shuster aka musician Lee Walters, who passed away in 1975.

Willard and Lianna, for DAS

Willard Peabody(13) interviews his mom, Lianna Tennal (42), about the Daily Antidote of Song.

Mom, Age 103 #1

Ione Shuster, age 103. is interviewed by her daughter, Bonnie Shuster, age 66. Topics discussed were Ione’s childhood and siblings, her experience on the Daily Antidote of Song, and the evolution of her political views.