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With Oleg, his piano classes are like laboratories. He not only teaches you the technique, but the touch. . .

Teresa Orantes Kane lives a musical life. A retired opera singer and teacher, she graces the halls of Saint Paul Conservatory as a piano student of Oleg Levin. Her credentials as a soloist include performing with the Chicago Symphony, Grant...

Sometimes throwing someone in the pool is the best way to teach them how to swim–and I got thrown in the pool!

Will Robertson grew up singing in The Saint Paul Conservatory of Music choir program. He participated in the summer camp program first as a camper, then as a counselor. Years later, he returned as a composer in residence. Camp was...

I played scales on the piano and read a book at the same time. My grandmother was supervising me and didn’t know I was cheating. . .

Oleg Levin and Ivan Konev have been playing repertoire for two pianos together for ten years. They both teach piano at the Saint Paul Conservatory of Music and came together as part of the conservatory's Story Initiative to share stories...

. . .all I could hear was the piano from the window. I was enchanted by that sound.

Executive Director of the St Paul Conservatory of Music Cléa Galhano and Administrative Director Laura Nortwen are musicians that breath life and soul into running the conservatory on a daily basis. With this conversation, they learn about each other's musical...

We have a great friendship—this wonderful deep, sarcastic loving friendship where we give each other grief.

Saint Paul Conservatory of Music Clarinet Choir members share stories of what it's like to pick up your clarinet after not playing for many years and what it's like to learn the instrument for the first time as an adult....

Sometimes I think, “Please God, get me through this performance!“ 

Patty McPherson is a piano faculty member at The Saint Paul Conservatory of Music. Chris Temperante is an adult piano student and the two have been friends for more than twenty years. Chris has been instrumental in helping SPCM by...

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