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Jeff Quattrone of the Library Seed Bank of New Jersey

Folklife Director Lesley Schierenbeck interviews Jeff Quattrone of the Library Seed Bank about the Folklife Foodway of Jersey Tomato seeds and their impact. Listeners will learn about history of seed banks, and their impact on community outreach and history.

Meet New Jersey's Decoy Carver of the Year, Nancee Jo Luciani!

Join Folklife Director Lesley Schierenbeck as she interviews Nancee Jo Luciani, the New Jersey Decoy Collector & Carver Association's Carver of the Year for 2023, and the first female carver in the history of the organization!

Meet Beach Badge Collector Bob Kugel! Photos show: Some of Bob's Unique Badges, His Book, and his 'extra' badges to trade, or sell!

Join Folklife Director Lesley Schierenbeck as she interviews Long Beach Island beach badge collector and author, Bob Kugel as he discusses his collection of badges that spans over 55 years!

Meet Ukrainian Folk Artist: Olga Kobryn

Folklife Director Lesley Schierenbeck interviews Olga Kobryn of the National Ukrainian Women's League Chapter 98 of Monmouth County, New Jersey. Olga is a part of the arts and culture committee that produces exhibits and conducts workshops among many other projects....

Meet South Jersey Winery Owner: Jack Tomasello!

Jack Tomasello, owner of Tomasello wines talks with the Tuckerton Seaport about his family's history in the wine industry. From their immigrant routes in Italy to today, Jack discusses the ways in which Tomasello has persevered throughout Prohibition, Covid, and...

Meet the Penza Family: Evelyn & Tony, Owners of the Red Barn Farm & Pie Shop!

The Penza Family, Evelyn & Tony discuss their family history, their immigrant experience in South Jersey, and the dynamic way their Italian-American immigrant-family legacy was created using the foodways of Southern New Jersey.

Meet A Baymen Family: Maxwell Shellfish!

Join Gretchen Maxwell, Bridgitte Bliss, and John Maxwell as they discuss their 6th generation business of shellfishing on the Barnegat Bay and the surrounding areas. They discuss the tradition of being baymen and what that in particular means to South...

Meet Decoy Carver: Dick Jessen!

Life-long tradition bearer, Dick Jessen and his family discuss his career in decoy making; his talent for painting, and how this tradition is being passed on to the next generation.

Meet Mark "Paulie" Wenger, Adjunct Professor of History & President of Pemberton County Historical Trust.

Mark "Paulie" Wenger is interviewed by Kiyomi Locker and talks about the history/geography of the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. They discuss the folklife and folk lore of the Pine Barrens, including popular jargon of words like "Piney" and the...

Meet Allison Pierson, Executive Director of Whitesbog Preservation Trust

Allison Pierson, Executive Director for Whitesbog Preservation Trust is interviewed by Kiyomi Locker about her tenure at Whitesbog, where she details the history of the historic site, farming of blueberries and cranberries, as well as the impact of female scientist...

Meet Decoy Carver, Collector, & Tradition-bearer: Gene Marshall

Folklife Director Lesley Schierenbeck interviews Gene Marshall, of Forked River, New Jersey. He discusses his passion for decoy collection, his techniques of carving, his craftsmanship of the working decoy, and his mentor in the field, his father, George Marshall. Photographs...

Meet Decoy Carver Jack Murray of Cape May, New Jersey

Folklife Director Lesley Schierenbeck interviews Cape May native decoy carver Jack Murray about his apprenticeship with J.P. Hand of Cape May, his passion for carving, and why decoy carving is a unique folk art.

Barbara Paskin Secretary of Albert Music Hall | Pinelands Cultural Society

Barbara Paskin discusses with Folklife Director Lesley Schierenbeck about her time as a female folk musician, her role within the Albert Music Hall Community, and how music has played a significant role in her life.

Women in Folk: Danielle Marrone Vice President of Albert Music Hall | Pinelands Cultural Society

Danielle Marrone speaks with Folklife Director Lesley Schierenbeck about the history of Pinelands Folk Culture at Albert Hall, her presence as a female folk musician, and the preservation and history of Albert Hall's female folk scene.

Gary Hance's Incredible 4th Grade Find!

Gary Hance talks with Folkllife Director Lesley Schierenbeck about his childhood find of what he thinks could appear to be a Lenape dugout canoe off of the shores of Manahawkin, New Jersey. The vessel was found off of the property...

Josh Werner: Country/Bluegrass Musician

Meet Josh Werner! From finding a guitar is his parent’s closet, to receiving his grandmother’s blessing to pursue music professionally, Josh has come a long way. He is now one of the most talented and respected country musicians in South...

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