VHHS-Mrs. Johnson’s HUSH 11 2019-20

Public Community Schools and Classrooms


Adelle Sims is interviewed by her daughter, Ella Pharo, about her life.

In this interview, my mom and I discussed her childhood, adulthood, found memories, and important historical/ political things that stand out to her. We also talked about our relationship and other personal things that had an impact on her life.

Mothers Memory

For my StoryCorps interview, I decided to interview my mom, Ginny Campbell. I decided to interview my mom due to her being the only elder in my family to grow up in Vestavia as I did, thus creating a viewpoint...

Interview with Seth Chapman

In this interview, conducted on December 4, 2019 in Vestavia Alabama, Sarah Chapman(17) interviews her dad, Seth Chapman(55) about her childhood and his experiences as a young person. He shares his family history discussing his parents origins and his immigrant...

My Mom talks about growing up and her family

Me and my mother talk about her growing up, her family, and where she was during events like 9/11. We also talk about her kids and parents.

Interview with my Mother, Maria Pedicord

In this interview, conducted on December 4, 2019 in Birmingham, Alabama, Kaitlyn Pedicord (16) interviews her mother Maria Pedicord about her childhood in Ecuador, her recollection of events that occurred in the United States while she lived here, and events...

Interview with my Grandfather, Travis Bowden

We talked about his time growing up and his family life. We also talked about his time in the military and what he would like to be remembered for.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My grandmother and I talked about her life and how she got to where she is today and reflected back on it.

Nick Henger and Tiffany Henger

I learned about my mom’s childhood and her experience growing up with interesting siblings and parents.

Griffin and Michael Weld talk about growing up in Ohio and theatre in and out of highschool

On December 1st, 2019, Griffin Weld interviews his father about growing up in Ohio and then about theatre during and after highschool

Interview with Marlene Moctezuma

In this interview with my mother, Marlene Moctezuma, she talks about growing up in Mexico, different historical events, and her hopes for her and my family

Interview With My Grandmother

In this interview with my grandmother, Suzanne Joiner, she talks about growing up in Switzerland, how different historical events affected her, and about her concerns for my generation.