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Interview with Auntie

My name is Marco Parra. I interviewed my closest favorite aunt. She is 31. She talks about her childhood life, being raised , her highschool life, and on her opinion on me. Her life about having kids and how kids...

The Life of William Wilkinson Jr

An interview between a daughter, Margot Wilkinson, and her father, William Wilkinson IV. Speaking about inspiring and interesting person in their family, the advancement of technology, and hopes for the future.

Interview with My Aunt

This interview is with my aunt Maria De La Luz Cruz. She is a strong independent woman who was born in México and lived in Texas for a majority of her childhood. She became a single mother and loves her...

A talk with mom

I talked with my mother about her childhood, and a few if the many things she has learned throughout her life. She shared with me the most important things that you always have to keep in your mind, especially when...

Eddie Negrete & Billie DeLaRosa

My name is Eddie Negrete and I'm a 16 year old who lives in San Jose, California. I interviewed my grandma who has been through lots of ups and downs in her life regarding family and living situations. She gives...

Connor and Tracy Brobst

In this interview, I, Connor Brobst (16) son of Tracy Brobst talk about the past and our fondest memories. Tracy talks about what her siblings were like as a child and how I they got along and also how I...

The great thanksgiving listen 2016

Madi Burkhardt a student in Mrs.Jefferies interviewed her mother for The Great Thanksgiving listen 2016. Madi Burkhardt and Danielle Burkhardt live in San Jose California. In this interview they talked about Danielle's childhood, college life, meeting her husband, having children,...

An interview with my mom

For this interview I interviewed my mother and we talked about her past and the struggles that she had to go through and the challenges she faced and how she came out on the on the other side.

About Mom’s life

This interveiw is about my Mom's life in school, siblings, and the reasons why she landed on the career she has today. She is a stong independent Women who has made a huge impact in hers Kids' lives.

Interview with Edward Verdonk

This is short interview with my dad Edward Verdonk. We discuss topics such as childhood, jobs, future, and holidays. Ed is a physicist and father to 4 living in San Jose CA.

Interview with Mary Reynolds

I interview my neighbor Mary Reynolds, who I have known since I was a child. This interview discusses her early life, family, jobs, pass-times, and significant events that happened throughout her life as well as her husband's time in war...

Pete’s Childhood and Schooling

In this interview, I, Katie Carley, talked with my dad to see what his childhood was like. We talked about how he got to school every day, what kind of schools he went to, and his life at college. We...

Talking with Robert

Robert Van Leer talks about his life and career in the computer industry and how how he made his living in that industry as well as some of his hobbies and growing up. He also shares his thought on life...

Interviewing my Mom

I interviewed my mother who came to the United States from Mexico when she was 17 years old; I learned that my grandpa had a leg amputated and that my grandma had cancer. I additionally learned about my mom's dad's...

Me and my mom

In this interview my mom and I talked about her most memorable relatives, her school experience, and how she met my dad. The workforce and her view on her job was also mentioned. We ended the interview with her favorite...

Kamryn Oxenford & Nichol Shank

I am speaking with my mother, Nichol Shank about her childhood life. She tells me about her best friends in high school and what life was like growing up in her family. She also talks with me about her job...