Woodbridge Oral History Project

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Ed and Joyce Jones worked at Gar-Field High School when it moved to its current location in 1972.

Ed and Joyce Jones played a large role in shaping the lives of hundreds of Woodbridge students during their years working as Band Director (Ed) and counselor (Joyce). They discuss the changes they have witnessed to the school system due...

Mike Quidley recalls the "small town feel" of Woodbridge growing up and the rivalry between Woodbridge and Gar-Field High Schools.

Mike Quidley moved to Woodbridge as a military child and made it is home for then next 40 years. Mr. Quidley describes that despite the transient nature of the military community, Woodbridge was a tight knit community.

Gail Sztanko's father moved the family to Woodbridge in the 50's for work and was responsible for acquiring the land to build Dale City.

Ms. Sztanko's father worked closely with the Hylton family creating Dale City and Marumsco Village. He later established his own real estate business on Route 1 and Mary's Way that Ms. Sztanko took over and ran until 2008.

Helen Hanna recalls being a Kindergarten teacher when Kindergarten was first included in Prince William Elementary Schools.

Helen moved to Woodbridge with her Marine husband in the 1960's and later bought a home on Maurice Drive for $16,000. She taught at a local Kindergarten program before Prince William included Kindergarten as part of the elementary schools and...

Interview with Desmond McCallum, one of Prince William’s first career firefighters, and his son Peter McCallum, a former OWL firefighter.

Desmond McCallum moved to Woodbridge in the 60's to become one of Prince William's first career firefighters. He raised his three children in Woodbridge; including Peter McCallum who followed his father's footsteps and served as an OWL volunteer firefighter. A...

Interview with Joyce Spinetti

Joyce Spinetti talks about life in Woodbridge in the 70s.

Interview with Frank Chergosky

Veteran Frank Chergosky talks about the bridge collapse of 1972 and the grand opening of Potomac Mills in the 80s.

Interview at the Woodbridge Senior Center

A local senior citizen talks about Woodbridge in the 1950s.

Pearl Wilson Interview

Woodbridge Senior Center volunteer talks about retirement in Woodbridge

Interview with Ron Swanson

Mr. Swanson recounts going to the McDonald's on a riding lawnmower and more in this interview about growing up in Woodbridge in the 60s.

Woodbridge Oral History Project Launch Panel Interview with Hilda Barg, Manley Garber, Lillie Jessie, Sandra Dawson & Albert Willliams

The Woodbridge Oral History Project was officially launched on September 20th at the Woodbridge Potomac Communities Civic Association's 10th Anniversary Celebration. To kick things off, we invited five residents with a long, storied history in Woodbridge to be interviewed by...