2018 Art Action Day - Khaled Barakeh "Art is the ultimate freedom. Life without art is like food without taste."

Recorded January 15, 2018 Archived January 15, 2018 12:48 minutes
Id: APP460053


In preparation for the 2018 Art Action Day, the Artists at Risk Connection (ARC) of PEN America interviewed Khaled Barakeh, an artist and cultural activist who is originally from Syria, but has been living in Europe for many years. We discussed with Khaled what art means to him personally, how the idea to create the Syrian Cultural Index was born and the effects of the travel ban on artists.

To contribute to Art Action Day with your own interview, find instructions here: wearethefederation.org/events/art-action-day/.

To learn more about Khaled Barakeh head to his page khaledbarakeh.com. If you are interested in the Syrian Cultural Index and ways you can get involved, definitely visit the website syriacultureindex.com.


  • Khaled Barakeh
  • Laura Kauer Garcia