The Art Room

The life of Mr.Beyer

Andy Haitpus

I asked former LDS and current Greek Orthodox church member Andy Haitpus his experience within and any comparisons he had made over the years.

School Interview


Interview with Dad

I spoke with my Dad about where he grew up and how it shaped his college experience and career in the navy

Life of Dr. Kristen Ajrouche

This showes the life of Dr. Kristen Ajrouche

Life of Dr. Kristen Ajrouche

This the life of Dr. Kristen Ajrouche it’s going to talk about family school ans her struggles.

Hayden Nguyen’s interview

We talked about ancestors , family , and traditions

Interview with Mamoo

An interview comprising of healthy aging questions and advice to share with future nurses.

iCampus – Luther Jeke with Lawrence Yealue

Lawrence and Luther chatted about their personal experiences and the work they do at iCampus and Accountability Lab Liberia

Recording My strengths

I talked about how my brother is the person I look up to