Inside View of Military Life

In our interview we discussed an inside view of military life from a woman’s perspective. We also discussed the transitions to and from military life along with how her experiences shaped her into the woman she is today.

Du och jag Emil

Life in New Orleans, Topanga and everything in between.


An intimate look into our lives.

Interview with Selena and Iyahna

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Grove Park Interview

Grove park interview

“I am grateful I had you in my life” aunt Lisa and her niece Waneta

a talk about growing up, growing together and standing strong thru it all. Pride, love, laughter and tears.

Grove park Interview part 1

Grove park interview part 1

Interview with John Schuiteman storycorps summer 2018

Interview with John Schuiteman storycorp summer 2018

state your name:
and what part of the country did you grow up:
what is your heritage, ethnicity & culture?
do you have a belief system and how do you relate?
do you use mindfulness or meditation in your day to day life?
about the times, when was the first time you remember
see dr. Martin Luther King jr. on T.V.?
tell me about your politics in high school?
what was your major study in college?
what did you do for a living?
where you married and for how long?
after the fact, how did you deal with the historical
repercussion of the murder of J.F.K?
where were you on the day of his death?
go back as far as you can, and tell me about your first memory?
and I will tell you mine…
Is there anything you would like to convey to the
Library of Congress?

this concludes our interview, thank you for your participation!

Interview with Linda(Taiwan film producer).

This is an interview with a Malaysian film producer who currently working in Taiwan.She shared about her experiences and opinions as a film producer.

My first time.

A big experience for me.