A Change in Lifestyle

Recorded January 15, 2019 Archived January 15, 2019 12:16 minutes
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“In Michigan people were super nice, and that's not always the case in LA,” said Linda Branca when her son, Dylan Branca interviewed her. The interview took place on Janurary 6, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. The best part of the interview occurs from 0:04 to 1:40, where Linda explains why she came to Los Angeles and what brought her here. Linda Branca moved from a small town in Michigan to the big city of Los Angeles. She moved here to pursue job opportunities and she wanted to live in a big city. She had a bit of a hard time adjusting to life in Los Angeles because it was so different from back home. She had to figure out how to navigate a big city and be able to get around with all the traffic. She did, however, enjoy the good restaurants, new friends, and nightlife in Los Angeles. She missed her family in Michigan, but she was able to make new friends in Los Angeles and adjust to life here.


  • Linda Branca
  • Dylan Branca

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