Homecoming Humility

Recorded December 2, 2018 Archived December 2, 2018 08:52 minutes
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In this interview, 15 year-old Quinn Frankel Interviews her dad, Andrew Frankel, the son of the most terrifying parent in Highland Park, Chicago. He questions him about a humiliating instance taking place on the night before homecoming during his 1st year of highschool. Within the second through third minute, you'll hear about Andy’s hilarious yet greatly embarrassing occurrence. In this interview you will be exposed to and informed about Andrews life as a student and how he finds relations between him and his kids’. Growing up as a hard driven student with a militant father playing multiple sports, Andrew has has had quite an interesting life. This interview will open you up to a little bit about him and his life as a highschool student.


  • Quinn Frankel

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