"A Label by Any Other Name." an interview with Andrew Binley and Lee Slater

Recorded March 21, 2019 Archived March 21, 2019 36:15 minutes
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A conversation between student and professor, this discussion reveals the subtle dynamics between good friends, even when they outwardly seem to be very similar. Lee Slater met Andrew Binley when the former asked the latter for a job at Lancaster University in England. Instead, Lee ended up as a PhD student under Andrew’s guidance. There, the disorganized Lee watched the hyperorganized Andrew simply pull research files from memory anywhere off painstakingly organized shelves. The talk turns to labels and the rise of “hydrogeophysics” as a cross-disipline inside AGU, a designation that not everyone accepted immediately. Looking back, Lee’s one regret was finishing his PhD ahead of schedule, cutting short his time working with Andrew during the most exciting years of his career. (Recorded 12 December 2018)


  • Lee Slater
  • Andrew Binley
  • Greg Roth
  • AGU Narratives

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