"A magnetic storm...can damage many electrical systems on Earth like communications and power grids." an interview with Walter Gonzalez

Recorded July 5, 2019 Archived July 5, 2019 20:03 minutes
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This Sao Paolo, Brazil based senior space research scientist is best known for explaining geomagnetic storms. In 2017, he received an AGU prize for “cutting-edge work” on space weather and processes. He remembers being a UC Berkeley graduate student in 1970 when AGU comprised about 150 people in San Francisco. This week he’s met colleagues involved in 3D computer simulation. “I will try to bring this code to [the Brazilian Space Research Institute (INPE)] so we can collaborate in this computer simulation.” He’s concerned about the high cost of research. Buy his book, he makes 10 percent! (Recorded 12 December 2018)


  • Ilyse Vernon
  • Walter Gonzalez
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