A Morning Coffee and an Evening Chai

Recorded May 10, 2019 Archived May 10, 2019 44:35 minutes
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As an international student at RU, my parents live 8 hours ahead of me, in terms of time difference. This geographical distance makes every minute I talk to them important, no matter how mundane the conversation may seem. While I sipped on my morning coffee in one of my final days of freshman year and my mother sipped on her evening chai, I video-chatted with her about growing up, adulthood, parenting, and the world at large. We also managed to cover topics like 'The Lion King' and the Hindi film 'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge'. Somwhere in between this nostalgic and generational conversation, we hear my dog squeaking a toy in the background, my friend walking into my room mid-interview, and the slight sounds of a microwave and a pressure cooker.


  • Upasna Swain
  • Rhea

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