A Spirited Faith: Paulist Father Thomas "Tomaso" Kane

Recorded February 17, 2020 Archived February 17, 2020 01:40:22
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He once wore roller skates and a Pilgrim costume to serve a turkey with sparklers. And he taught the movements of the Catholic Mass to dancers for a major production of a Bernstein musical.

Paulist Father Thomas "Tomaso" Kane has led a spirited life. A "bi-ritual"(Byzantine and Roman Catholic) upbringing brought him first to a diocesan seminary, then to the Community of St. Paul.

At one point, Tomaso produced a globetrotting documentary about dance in spiritual rituals.

This conversation with Tomaso includes all of these stories, plus Tomaso's words on prayer, pilgrimage, and returning Catholics. Tomaso is the executive director of Landings International, the Paulist Fathers' ministry for Catholics returning to the Church.


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