A Woman Providing Life-Saving Aid at the Mexico-Arizona Border Shares Her Story

Recorded July 3, 2019 Archived July 3, 2019 03:18 minutes
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Maria Ochoa is a 70-year-old grandmother who has walked the Arizona desert well over 100 times providing water and aid to migrants who have crossed the border from Mexico. The humanitarian aid she and other Tucson Samaritans provide is legal, as long as they don’t transport migrants or venture onto private land.

She came to StoryCorps in Tucson with her friend and fellow volunteer, Alma Schlor, to share her connection to the work.

This summer, Maria will have been doing this work with the Tucson Samaritans for seventeen years. She was one of the founders of the organization in 2002.


  • Maria Ochoa
  • Alma Schlor

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