A Woman’s Right: The Story It Tells - Caley

Recorded March 13, 2017 Archived March 13, 2017 24:53 minutes
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A Woman’s Right: The Story It Tells - Caley O'Brien speaks candidly about her experiences as a well-informed woman during the political upheaval of Trump and his administration taking office. Caley reflects on the days surrounding the Women's March on D.C. and across the world. She speaks openly about her feelings on Women's Rights. She talks about her distrust in the hypocrisy of the government, and about her hopes for what the Women's Marches would inspire. Caley, a remarkable woman in her own right, displays courage and candor, and gives great hope for women's strength in the future. Recorded 02-17-2017


  • Caley O'Brien
  • Jackie Neale

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