A Woman's Right: The Story It Tells - Annette of Mission, Texas

Recorded June 19, 2017 Archived June 19, 2017 23:38 minutes
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"We have to continue to fight to have these rights. That was when I was 15 or 16 when I realized that." - Annette of Mission, Texas talks about her experience with equal rights in the computer science industry. Annette also reflects on her experience hearing about the Women's Marches all over the world on January 21, 2017. Annette speaks to a real concern of hers regarding undocumented Mexican immigrants being promised citizenship to serve in the United States armed services, and after returning from active duty to the United States they then are being deported. [Interviewer note: Authorities are permitted to ask for an id, however, it is our right as United States citizens to remain silent.]


  • Jackie Neale
  • Annette Martinez

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