Aaron Muderick and Cheyanne Huke

Recorded February 22, 2020 Archived February 22, 2020 39:02 minutes
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Aaron Muderick (43) speaks to his coworker Cheyenne Huke (38) about the origins of his product and business, Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty.

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CH speaks about coming to work at Crazy Aaron’s Putty and working in the toy industry for the first time. AM recalls the early days of making putty, and the start of his business in 2003 with his wife.
CH and AM reflect on the growth of Crazy Aaron’s, and share stories of fan mail and suggestions from kids. AM speaks about “superfans.”
AM speaks about upcoming non-putty endeavors, and children’s shared sense of wonder in play internationally. AM recalls his childhood love of construction toys and shares memories of going to garage sales with his grandfather.
AM remembers his disappointment in false advertising as a child. CH speaks about her experiences from her first Toy Fair.
AM speaks about the toy industry and remembers being inspired watching a television show of toy factories
AM speaks about meeting the Silly Putty CEO, and remembers playing with Silly Putty at his old job before making his own.
CH asks AM about his wife’s support in the putty business. AM speaks about his persistence. AM recalls the early days of mixing putty and his children’s involvement in the business.


  • Aaron Muderick (b. 1976)
  • Cheyanne Huke (b. 1981)

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Jacob K. Javits Convention Center

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