Abay Israel and Kilsang Kim

Recorded May 22, 2020 Archived May 21, 2020 39:56 minutes
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Abay Israel (36) speaks with his colleague Kilsang Kim [no age given] about how they came to the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR), fond memories of their work, and Abay getting lost on his first day as an intern.

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A and K share their earliest memories finding out about the ICPSR.
They discuss being recruited to ICPSR, and A remembers early memories, including his first winter coming from the Caribbean. K mentions some of the various roles he has held at ICPSR.
A and K speak about the difficulty of finding data sets for research, and researchers' reactions to receiving free data sets from ICPSR. A recalls being an eager intern at ICPSR and getting lost taking the bus on his first day.
K and A speak about job satisfaction and their different preferences for working "on stage" or "behind the scenes." They share their love of helping others through their work.
A speaks about coming to the United States, finding a family at ICPSR, and how it has changed his life. K speaks about his love of the interaction with everyone at their office.
A shares the story of a former intern at ICPSR, and the institute's extra work to help them succeed. K shares his favorite "type" of memory at ICPSR: meeting people.
They speak about hijinks in their office culture, and "webinar karaoke," before sharing gratitude for each other.


  • Abay Israel (b. 1983)
  • Kilsang Kim (b. 1972)

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