Ada Marie Babineaux and Geraldine Marie Babino

Recorded November 30, 2022 Archived November 30, 2022 42:15 minutes
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Ada Marie Babineaux (58) interviews her mother, Geraldine Marie Babino (88), about her upbringing, life in Opelousas, Louisiana, and memories of her parents, Savannah Frank and Nathan Frank Sr. Geraldine also shares how she met her husband, how she settled in San Antonio, Texas, and how she wants to be remembered.

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A talks about why she wants to interview G today. A starts talking about what her and G have in common and similarities.
G talks about where she is from. G mentions Louisiana, her siblings, and her parents.
G recalls growing up. G also recalls having a picnic in the cotton field.
G talks about her father and mother and describes what they did for work. G recalls her mother making food for workers and talks about her mother's personality and style.
G recalls how her mother obtained her first property. G mentions how her mother received the money to pay for their property.
G talks about what she admired about her parents. G shares a story about her mother and cigars.
G talks about her experience cooking at 5 years old.
G expresses "we always had a garden" when talking about why it was important to have a garden. G also talks about what her father and mother liked to plant. A and G also talk about gumbo and traditional food.
G expresses "I taught my mother how to write her name" when expressing that her mother and father could not read or write. G also talks about what she wanted out of life once she graduated high school.
G talks about how she met A's father, Roumell Babino, and G shares a story.
G recalls getting married at her parents house. G talks about life after she married A's father.
G talks about how she wants to be remembered.
G talks about how she settled in San Antonio, Texas.
G expresses how she feels at 88 years old.


  • Ada Marie Babineaux
  • Geraldine Marie Babino

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