Adam Roseman and Rick Rosenthal

Recorded December 7, 2018 Archived December 7, 2018 02:21 minutes
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"Don't tell anybody that you saw Santa buying tools for the elves at Home Depot." There are many ways to celebrate the holidays. While some light the Hannukah candles, some decorate Christmas trees. And for some, well, they do a little bit of both. This is a story about an out-of-the-ordinary Santa. His real name is Rick Rosenthal. He also happens to be Jewish (Modern Orthodox, to be precise). Santa Rick came to StoryCorps with an old friend and mentee, Adam Roseman, to talk about how he found his calling. Originally aired December 7, 2018, on NPR’s Morning Edition.


  • Rick Rosenthal
  • Adam Roseman

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