Addiction Interview #1

Recorded April 22, 2018 Archived April 22, 2018 02:30 minutes
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KP: Today I’m interviewing a close friend of mine on her older sisters heroin addiction. So, you we’re about three years old when your sister started using, is that right?
NA: Yes, that’s right. I remember her being around here and there but, you know, the drugs were more important. She missed all of my softball games, my school events, my birthdays. It was like, I had this older sister whom I barely knew because she was constantly coming and going, and when she was around, she was high.
KP: That must’ve been tough to try and understand as a child. You’ve told me in the past that she went to prison. Can you tell me a little bit about that?
NA: Well, by the time she went to prison, she was pregnant with my first nephew. So, it was so weird to see your sister going through a pregnancy and not being free, basically. She was stuck in prison and everyone was afraid that she wouldn’t get out in time to have him. Thank god she did otherwise my mom would’ve had to adopt him or at least take care of him while she finished her sentence.
KP: And, in your opinion, do you think that this affected your nephew?
NA: Oh, of course..without a doubt. His relationship with his father was practically nonexistent and she used heroin in the early stages of her pregnancy with him and then was on methadone so, that had to have some affect on him.
KP: She’s still struggling quite a bit now too, because of everything she went through when she got off the methadone. That was her rock bottom, I think.
NA: Well of course, when her son found her OD’d in her bedroom, you know, he was eight or nine by that time so of course he’s going to remember it. Or when he saw her boyfriend dead on his little brothers bed, listening to the paramedics trying to revive him. That’s going to screw a kid up. He doesn’t listen to his mother. He doesn’t respect her. He’s said he hates her and it’s honestly really sad. She has two younger children now who won’t remember any of this but, the oldest? He’s scarred for life.


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