A'dja Jones and Manuela Ngo Tonye Nyemeck

Recorded May 11, 2022 Archived May 11, 2022 39:57 minutes
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Advisor and advisee, A’dja Jones (33) and Manuela Ngo Tonye Nyemeck (21), have a conversation about their experiences as black women, how covid affected them, and day-to-day life.

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MN talks about her day, finals, and a parking story.
AJ talks about working on Student and Athlete Development.
MN talks about making it to Conference.
MN recalls life before COVID and leaving school after the COVID outbreak.
AJ talks about her reaction once COVID spread and navigating the education system through COVID.
AJ and MN reference a second pandemic.
MN recalls the murder of George Floyd.
AJ acknowledges MN and her own experiences as a black woman.
AJ and MN talk about being called the wrong name.
MN talks about returning to college after the pandemic.
AJ talks about meeting MN for the first time and watching her grow.
AJ and MN share their final thoughts and feelings.


  • A'dja Jones
  • Manuela Ngo Tonye Nyemeck

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The Library Center

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