Aileen Imperatrice and Tony Imperatrice

Recorded March 6, 2020 Archived March 6, 2020 41:45 minutes
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Spouses Aileen Imperatrice (51) and Tony Imperatrice (56) discuss their battles with terminal illness and share their fears about their medical conditions. They remember who they were as a couple before they were both ill and reflect on losing their mothers around the same time.

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AI talks about TI's kidney transplant and being his donor.
TI talks about his alcoholism before he was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease.
AI compares who she and TI were before they both were diagnosed with terminal illnesses.
TI and AI share their thoughts about religion.
AI and TI talk about the challenges of their medical expenses.
AI talks about her art and the benefits of working from home.
AI reflects on when she and TI both lost their mothers around the same time.
AI and TI remember TI's mother and her funeral.
AI shares her fears about her diagnosis.


  • Aileen Imperatrice (b. 1968)
  • Tony Imperatrice (b. 1963)

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