Al-nisa Petty and Ezra Vallecillo

Recorded May 19, 2023 Archived May 19, 2023 42:27 minutes
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Friends Al-nisa Petty (33) and Ezra Vallecillo (33) share their thoughts on the meaning of home, community, and personal growth.

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Ezra (E) and Al-nisa (A) talk about growing up in Bridgeport, CT and Newark, NJ, respectively. They both consider how they have changed and stayed the same from who they were as children.
A shares how she was able to leave home through her journey as an actor.
E talks about his ties to Bridgeport and why he chose to move to Brooklyn, NY. He also shares a bit about his experience with acting.
A remembers a time she came back to Newark for a show.
A considers what home means to her, and recalls her experience of lockdown in California during the COVID-19 pandemic.
E defines home as a safe haven.
E and A talk about self-care.
A and E share who inspires them to build community.


  • Al-nisa Petty
  • Ezra Vallecillo

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