Alba LaFiandra

Recorded November 28, 2017 Archived November 28, 2017 42:06 minutes
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“Young women can succeed if they find their niche, and are realistic about their abilities. Just go for it.”

Picture a house at the top of a hill where the beautiful Esopus Creek below provided opportunities for swimming, fishing, and hiking to Glenerie Falls. This was home to the LaFiandra family. One year, mama broke an ankle and was unable to enjoy time at the creek. As an act of love, Philip LaFiandra built a funicular/railroad/cable car so his wife could enjoy days by the creek.

Alba LaFiandra, a retired molecular biologist who created a respected space for herself in a male-dominated field, tells us about her successful career, her extended family, childhood in Saugerties, and how her father built that cable car.


  • Arzi McKeown
  • Alba LaFiandra

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