Aleithia Stephens and Jeanne Lowry

Recorded November 30, 2021 Archived November 30, 2021 55:37 minutes
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One Small Step conversation partners Aleithia Stephens (35) and Jeanne Lowry (58) met for the first time in-person in Oklahoma City. In their One Small Step conversation they talk about what led them to become educators, what talking politics with family has been like lately and what their hopes are for the United States moving forward.

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Aleithia asks Jeanne about her different careers - particularly about being in the death care industry.
Jeanne talks about the lessons her parents instilled in her and her siblings in regard to fairness.
Aleithia talks about her role as an educator to college students.
Jeanne recounts her time in education, the influences from her teachers and from learning about Annie Sullivan.
Aleithia talks about being pro-life and what that means to her.
Jeanne hopes in the U.S. people will come more to the middle and work together than staying on polar opposite ends.


  • Aleithia Stephens
  • Jeanne Lowry

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